5.11 Tactical KNEE PADS
5.11 Kneepads (Pair) - 59008 (Black 019)

Kneepads (Pair)

The 5.11 Kneepads are designed to contour with the knee; made of 3/8 neoprene. The 5.11 Kneepads are made to fit inside 5.11 TDU and tactical pants.


Purpose Built

Sized to fit 5.11 TDU and Tactical pant lines, our 3/8” high performance neoprene knee pads feature a strong, flexible design and nylon backing for easy installation and removal. An integrated contour matches the shape of your knee, maximizing mobility and ensuring a secure fit while in motion. Military, law enforcement, and private security operators from a wide range of disciplines have reported that deploying 5.11 tactical pants with kneepads in place provides a significant boost to operational stamina, reducing fatigue and minimizing risk of injury during periods of high activity.



  • Strong, flexible, lightweight
  • Integrated knee contour for mobility
  • Fits 5.11 TDU and Tactical pants



  • 3/8” cushioned neoprene
  • Nylon backing for easy insertion